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Boot Hill Museum Unearths, Opens Time Capsule

Boot Hill Museum recently contacted Wilbert Burial Services to remove a 2,700 pound cement vault from the ground at the Boot Hill Museum property. The vault had to be removed due to the heavy construction work that is soon to begin on the new exhibits building on the property.

The cement vault, which is a time capsule that was buried on August, 20th, 1972, was successfully removed after an entire day of digging and breaking up concrete on the museum’s lawn on October 31st, 2018. The time capsule was part of a Dodge City Centennial celebration in 1972, and many of the citizens of Dodge City were able to put their treasures and old Dodge City memories into the vault.

The staff at Boot Hill Museum was able to remove the heavy lid of the vault to uncover the contents inside. The museum’s curators are carefully archiving items as they are being removed. Paper items have suffered moisture damage from the vault, but a partial inventory of items discovered will be on display for the museum’s groundbreaking ceremony at 5:30pm today.

Everyone working on this project from Boot Hill Museum is ecstatic about the interesting finds and special and unique items that the public will enjoy viewing.