Relive the Old West Legend of Dodge City Through Exhibits, Education and Entertainment.



Volunteer at Boot Hill Museum

The Museum environment provides a setting in which volunteers can expand on interests, knowledge base and meet interesting people.  The goal is to provide guests with a favorable experience and accurate and engaging information about Dodge City’s heritage.  Volunteers provide program support by being a needed source of talent and expertise.  The Board of Directors and staff will endeavor to utilize volunteers’ energy, talent, skills and interests to enhance Museum operations, services, programs and special events.  Volunteers will be expected to perform in cooperation with the Museum staff and comply with organizational guidelines.

Volunteer Oportunities

Historical Interpreter

Provide tours to groups of guests when needed, assist with school groups, provide information to guests throughout the museum, assist with cleaning of windows and other museum areas.
Qualifications: Energetic and personable, able to stand/walk for long periods, willingness to learn historical information


Welcome guests to the Museum, provide historical and cultural information on Dodge City and Boot Hill.
Qualifications: Energetic and personable, willingness to provide historical information, ability to sit/stand/walk for long periods.

Special Events
Assist the museum staff with a variety of tasks related to regular events, and private functions. Duties can include set up, food preparation and service, registration and ticket taking, and much more.

Volunteer Program Policies of Boot Hill Museum

Adopted by the board of directors 9/2011

Boot Hill Museum Mission Statement

Boot Hill Museum is devoted to the collection, preservation and interpretation of artifacts and materials dealing with the late nineteenth and early twentieth century cultural history of the Dodge City, Kansas area.  The collections shall be used for the education and enjoyment of the general public.  It will develop research resources, educational programs, and other means to increase, disseminate, and improve knowledge of Dodge City and southwest Kansas history, including but not restricted to exhibitions, lectures, publications, and special activities related to the history of the area.  In addition, the Museum’s Entertainment Department will develop and interpret the entertainment activities of nineteenth century Dodge City through reenactments of nineteenth century stage shows and outdoor daily activities.