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Marion McLain

Marion McLain Cowboy Entertainer 2008Marion McLain  is the 2008 Cowboy entertainer

“Rarin’ to Go!”

Marion “Mac” McLain was born in Nebraska on May 13, 1889 to Frank and Marietta (Marnie) McLain. In 1908 the family moved to the Hostetter Ranch near Sun City, Kansas from Toronto, Kansas. He worked as a farmer and stockman during his young adulthood. Mac is best known for being the owner of “McLain’s Roundup” which was the world’s largest independently owned rodeo. It ran from 1922 to 1939 at Sun City. Open to any contestant who could pay the entry fee, the rodeo drew world champions including, Bob Crosby, Irby Mundy, Everett Shaw, Dick Truitt, Ike Rude and Bud Hampton as well as locals. Mac provided top quality stock, did marketing, and attracted contestants, specialty acts and bands for this annual event. Along with this rodeo were carnival rides. In the later years of the McLain Rodeo Mac started off the rodeo with a “Grand Entrée” with his two sons, Max and Mark, from his marriage on November 2, 1912 to Ruth Lillian Massey who hailed from near Sun City. The couple also had a daughter, Marjorie. Mac was involved in founding the Cowboy Turtle Association. Created in response to unfair treatment of rodeo contestants, they called themselves the “turtles” because though they were slow to organize they eventually stuck their necks out. The CTA later became the Rodeo Cowboys Association, which is predecessor of the PRCA. He was a life member of the CTA, RCA and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. Frank died in Greensburg, Kansas August 21, 1972 at the age of 83. Though all his children are deceased, his memory lives on in his grandchildren who next to his McLain’s Roundup were the crown of his life.

Year inducted: 2008

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