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Kenneth and Marshall Hoy

Kenneth and Marshall Hoy Working Cowboys 2013Kenneth and Marshall Hoy were born to Frank and Glory Hoy in Cassoday, KS; Kenneth on March 16, 1904 and Marshall on March 18, 1907. The brothers worked closely together and were often mistaken for each other. They were cut from the same cloth that exemplifies the Kansas cowboy. As cowboys their reputations extended well beyond the Cassoday area, and their help was often sought after by those shipping or moving cattle in the central Flint Hills. As boys they broke horses for their neighbors, earning $5 for each one tamed. In their late teens and early twenties they began riding in rodeos, where they entered saddle bronc riding, bulldogging, relay races and wild cow milking contests. Marshall also roped calves, something he continued to do successfully well past his youth. In his mid-sixties, Marshall was the first roper of the day at a rodeo in Latham; he tied his calf in 14 seconds. In the fall of 1923, at the age of 19, Kenneth was one of the last to drive cattle overland when he helped trail 1,400 steers from Canadian, Texas to Englewood, Kansas. Later on each brother maintained a mid-sized cowherd, while at the same time looking after pasture cattle for other cattle owners. Throughout his life Kenneth remained on the land his grandparents settled in the 1870’s, a ranch that remains in the family. In 1945, Marshall moved to Towanda to become foreman of Harry Wilson’s Quarter Horse ranch. Five years later he moved northwest of El Dorado to be a pasture man on Don Wilson’s ranch and also purchased land where he had his own Angus cowherd. In 1978, when they were in their seventies, the brothers began riding as outriders for the Flint Hills Overland Wagon Train, where they told stories of their younger cowboy days in the lush pastures of the Flint Hills. Marshall was married to Berdine Guggisberg. The couple had two daughters Judy Hoy Remsberg and Ann Hoy Graham. Marshall was 81 when he died in 1988. Kenneth was married to Marteil (Marty) Rice. They had a son and daughter, Jim Hoy and Rita Hoy Todd. Kenneth died on Nov. 14, 1996 at the age of 92. Both men are buried next to their wives at the Cassoday Cemetery.

Year inducted: 2013

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