Relive the Old West Legend of Dodge City Through Exhibits, Education and Entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Museum open all year?

Yes, Boot Hill Museum is open every day except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.  However, hours and activities vary seasonally so please check the current schedule of activities.

Do you have parking for motor coaches and RVs?

Yes, there is free parking in front of Boot Hill Museum near the train and depot, appropriate for large vehicles and additional parking on the Northeast corner of complex.  There is no charge for parking.

Do you have wheelchairs or strollers available to rent?

The Museum has several wheelchairs available at no charge on first come first served basis.  Strollers are allowed but not provided.

Do you allow pets?
Only service animals are allowed inside the complex.

Do you have any smoking areas?
No, for the safety of our artifacts and buildings, smoking in NOT permitted inside the complex.

When are gunfights and shows scheduled?

The World Famous Boot Hill Gunfighters perform at noon and 7 p.m. daily from Memorial Day until mid-August. The Long Branch Variety show and Country Style Dinner also take place daily from Memorial Day until mid-August.  For additional dates please refer to our upcoming events or contact the Museum office.

Was the Gunsmoke Television series filmed in Dodge City?

No, the television series was actually filmed on a Hollywood movie set.  The stories told in Gunsmoke were fictional and loosely based on businesses and characters in the real Dodge City.  The series ran for twenty years and gave Dodge City national name recognition that continues to live on today.  Boot Hill Museum honors this history with an exhibit “Hollywood and the Wild West,” depicting a 60s inspired living room where you can watch Gunsmoke clips and view memorabilia donated to the museum by former Gunsmoke cast members.

What famous people are buried on Boot Hill?

The unfortunate folks that were buried on Boot Hill consisted of lost buffalo hunters, strangers, thieves, cowboys and people with little means.  Other folks with family or greater means were buried at Fort Dodge including the most famous lawman to die in Dodge City, Ed Masterson.  More famous Lawmen, such as, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson and Bill Tilghman all left Dodge City prior to their deaths.

What other attractions should I visit while in Dodge City?

There are many other great things to see and do in Dodge City and the area.  Here are a few links to assist with your trip.

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