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Fredric R. Young – Cowboy Historian

Fredric R YoungFredric R Young: “The truth about its early days is far more violent, exciting, and ‘romantic’ than the fiction,” from the preface of Young’s Dodge City, Up Through a Century in Story and Pictures.

Fredric R. Young born in 1931 in Dodge City, is a fourth generation Dodge Citian, with his grandfather arriving in the area in 1879. Fred majored in accounting at Kansas University. He was not interested in history until the 1950’s when Boot Hill Museum’s, George Henrichs, raised his curiosity. Henrichs granted him access to Museum records from early Dodge City. In 1965, Fred married Alberta Marie Timm in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1971, Henrichs asked Fred to write an historical book for Dodge City’s 1972 Centennial. He hurriedly put together his records and used photographs graciously provided by Boot Hill Museum and the Kansas Historical Society to write Dodge City:¬† Up Through a Century in Story and Pictures. This book still considered the “bible” for Museum employees and those interested in early Dodge City history. He has spent over 50 years researching Dodge City history pouring over court records, deeds, early newspapers and letters from Boot Hill Museum, the Kansas Heritage Center in Dodge City and other sources. In 2009, he completed another book The Delectable Burg:¬† An Irreverent History of Dodge City – 1872 to 1886, which presents early Dodge City from a unique viewpoint. Fredric R. Young refers to himself as an “amateur historian.” Fred and Alberta live in Dodge City and have two grown children who live out of the area, Robert Young and Elizabeth Tybinkowski. His only grandchild is Elizabeth’s son, Alex.

Year inducted: 2014

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