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Fred Germann – Rancher Cattleman

Fred GermannFred Germann is the 2010 Rancher Cattleman

“If someone hands you a lemon, squeeze it and start a lemonade stand.”

Fred Germann was born to G.F. and Blanch Germann, March 3, 1921 at Blue River Valley north of Manhattan, KS. Though he was active as a young man in church, 4-H and high school sports, he never thought of doing anything other than carrying on the family tradition of farming and ranching. In 1939 he entered Kansas State College of Agriculture and received a draft deferment as a farmer during World War II. However, his graduation was delayed by several years due to a horseback riding injury. In 1948, while in college, he excelled as a livestock judge. In the 1950’s Fred was active in the unsuccessful fight against putting a dam in Blue Valley. When the dam was built in 1957, the Germann’s relocated to Humboldt Valley southeast of Junction City. Here they eventually acquired 3500 acres. Fred married Helen Van Buskirk in Howard, Kansas in 1959. The couple has two daughters, Debra Taylor and Lisa Williams, and three grandchildren. Though known mainly as a cattle grower, Fred raised hogs using a new technology, specific-pathogen-free pork, which kept hogs in conditions that minimized disease and improved herd health. He sold these special hogs across America and Internationally. Fred is the only person to have served as President of both the Kansas Livestock Association, of which he is the longest living individual member, and the Kansas Pork Producers Council. Germann was honored as Stockman of the year in 1989. In 2003 he wrote a book, Recollections…My Life Story. Fred is the recipient of many honors and awards, but he is most proud of helping young people get started in agriculture. Fred passed away September 17, 2010.


Year inducted: 2010

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