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Dan D. Casement – Rancher Cattleman

Dan D CasementDan D. Casement is the 2007 Rancher Cattleman.
“It goes without saying that a good cowman is likewise a good horseman.”

Dan D. Casement was born in 1868. In his early years he grew up in Ohio moving away to attend Princeton and Columbia Universities. He later resided in Colorado where he ran a ranch and helped his father build a railroad. When he was 21 has father gave him his Kansas land, but Casement did not become resident operator of Juniata Farms at Manhattan until 1915. With the outbreak of World War I he went overseas in 1917. Though he was 49, he insisted on serving his country. Dan was a founder of the American Quarter Horse Association and was one of the first two Kansans to be inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. For more than three decades he won carload entries at stock shows. He and his wife Olivia raised three children, Mary, Francis and Jack. Dan died in 1953; Olivia had died earlier in 1942. His children are gone and his descendants have scattered across the country, but his legacy lives on in his writings. He wrote extensively for the American Hereford Association of which he was an honorary lifetime member. He served as an expert for the National Cattlemen and the Kansas Livestock Association. Dan loved the land and the livestock that dwelled on it. He was known for being outspokenly honest and had a great rapport with other livestock men in his travels.

Year inducted: 2007

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