Relive the Old West Legend of Dodge City Through Exhibits, Education and Entertainment.

About Boot Hill

The exciting and unique story of early Dodge City is told daily along Front Street at Boot Hill Museum.  The area’s rich history dates back to the Native Americans who thrived off the land and the buffalo.  The establishment of the Santa Fe Trail brought settlers to the area and introduced the potential of what is known as the Great American Dessert.  The arrival of the U. S. Army prompted the building of Fort Dodge and soon to follow was the establishment of a rough and rowdy cattle town known as Dodge City.  Law and order was soon recognized and Dodge City became a civilized frontier town and a center of commerce on the prairie.

The mission of Boot Hill Museum is to preserve and interpret the Old West through exhibits, education and entertainment reflective of the area’s rich heritage.

The vision of Boot Hill Museum is to be a recognized destination for our guests to experience the history and relive the legend of Dodge City.

Core Values

Authenticity – Preserving and presenting historical information in a responsible and accurate manner.

Conduct – Interacting with honesty, integrity, respect, friendliness, and knowledge.

Experience – Engaging guests through education and entertainment.

Community – Working cooperatively with and as an integral part of the community.

Environment – Providing a creative, safe, supportive environment for our guests and staff.

Stewardship – Managing and caring for the organization’s property and resources.